Athens Jazz
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Athens Big Band

Athens Big Band (Greece)

The Athens Big Band was founded in 1998 on the initiative of virtuoso pianist Yiannis Terezakis and since then records a very active and important presence in the musical events of the Municipality of Athens and the whole of Greece. The repertoire he performs includes historical compositions and orchestrations of the pioneering creators of music literature for the Big Band ensemble and covers a very wide range of jazz musical movements. The Athens Big Band has been presented in all major music and arts venues and festivals in Athens, Thessaloniki and the Greek periphery. It has been conducted by leading conductors and composers of jazz and contemporary music such as William Russo and Don Owens, while it has collaborated with distinguished Greek and foreign soloists. The musical performers that make up the Athens Big Band have been selected among the most capable Greek soloists and are distinguished for their high virtuosity in improvisation and their flexibility in ...

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