Athens Jazz
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The Festival

Athens Jazz

The Festival

Since 2001, the Athens Jazz has been inviting us at the end of spring, just before summer, to a music trip, marking thus the start of the concert season in Athens. The city's longest-running music event, with free admission, has been hosting a variety of international, acclaimed jazz trends, bands and groups from all over the globe, attracting daily more than 6,000 visitors.

Thus, Technopolis has become the setting for a seven-day exciting cultural feast. The Athenians and visitors to the city are invited to participate in an exciting celebration, with jazz music at its core. The Athens Jazz opens its doors to welcome the public from morning till evening, allowing young and old to enjoy a rich - international standards - music program, with live shows and more at Gazi and throughout the city.

To date, the Athens Jazz has hosted more than 265 international and local bands and 2,900 musicians from 28 countries.

17th ATJF_Portico Quartet_UK_2_800X595
First European Jazz Festival


The festival started back in 2001 when Technopolis hosted the first European Jazz Festival in Athens, collaborating with the embassies and educational institutes of the EU member states in Greece.

Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival


In 2011, the festival opened up to the rest of Europe, and in 2013, it became international under the title Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival.

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16th ATJF_Metapolis Photo Exhibition_800X595
15th Anniversary


In 2015, in the context of its 15th anniversary, it enriched its content with various additional events: photography exhibitions, educational programmes and The Meet Market.

Hybrid Edition


2020 was the only year that the festival was cancelled due to the pandemic, but in 2021 it took place in a unique 3-day hybrid version.

18th ATJF_Binker & Moses_UK_800X595
Tribute to Leonard CohenTECHNOPOLIS
Women In Jazz


In 2022, the festival reopens, bigger, better, and richer, organizing happenings all around the city and various additional activities, changing thus its name to Athens Jazz.η Its 21st version is dedicated women in Jazz.

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