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The Team

Athens Jazz

The Artistic Committee

Athens Jazz The Artistic Committee Every year, the Greek music bands participating in the festival are selected by a three-member committee consisting of George Charonitis (journalist/music editor), Leonidas Antonopoulos (journalist/director of Kosmos 93.6) and George Mouchtaridis (radio producer/director of Athens Voice 102.5).

Journalist / Music editor

George Charonitis

He is considered a jazz "expert" because he studied it in the seventies and eighties and because he had been writing about it for a decade (1978-1988) in the "Sound and HiFi" magazine, while later became the publisher and head editor of the "Jazz & Jazz" magazine for 20 years (1993-2013)! Ennio Morricone has been guiding him, as a spiritual father, from the age of 12 until today. Through his long-lasting musicographic activity at "Athinorama", he expanded his knowledge in other music genres, from absolute silence to absolute noise and from traditional music to avant-garde. Indeed, a genuine representative of no wave-like the dear fellow John Zorn.

Radio producer / Director of Athens Voice 102.5

George Mouchtaridis 

He was born in Athens and grew up in Toronto, Stuttgart and Zographou district. He has been living in Nea Makri for 20 years. He has written articles for several music and non-music magazines, starting from "Sound & HiFi" and continuing with "Eptamisi", "Icones", and "Seven" in the Sunday edition of Eleftherotypia newspaper. He has been a member of The Jaywalkers band as a guitarist, singer and songwriter. He started his radio career with the "Radiosynnefoula" show on the Fourth Programme of Greece's state broadcaster, ERT. He continued as a radio presenter and journalist at Channel 5, Pop FM, Rhythmos and En lefko. At the same time, he worked as a music editor at news radio stations such as 902 Aristera at Fm and SKAI. He was a director at Kosmos 93.6 radio from 2003 to 2011, and in 2011 he set up Pepper 96.6 from scratch. Since January 2023 he is the director of Athens Voice 102.5 and radio presenter in the daily 10:00-12:00 show.

Journalist, Head of Kosmos Radio 93.6

Leonidas Antonopoulos

Born in Athens, in 1965. A journalist specialized in music, he is, now, Head of Kosmos Radio, the most popular of the radio services delivered by ERT (Greek Public Radio & TV) and host of a daily morning radio show. He has been hosting TV and radio programs related to music, especially jazz and world music, for more than 25 years. He was a founding member of Jazz FM -a pioneer jazz FM radio in the 90s- and has also served as music consultant of the Hellenic Festival and as artistic director of the "Sounds Of The World" section of the Festival.

Athens Jazz

Production Team

Artistic Director

Antonis Zouganelis

Project Manager

Anna Ganga

Production Manager

Anastasia Karadimou

Production Manager

Elina Linoxylaki

Production Team

Maria Koutsia

Hospitality Manager

Vagelis Valagiannis

Head of Marketing & Communications

Konstantina Margariti

Communications Manager

Sofia Kanellopoulou

Communications Associate

Aggelos Kleitsikas

Digital Content Producer / Culture is Athens

Yiota Zoi

Press Office

Anna Maria Kastrani


Vassiliki Geronikou

Creative Direction

Alkistis Tsikou

Graphic Design

Phevos Lamprou

Creative Team

Katerina Antonaki

Creative Team

Maira Bizimi

Head of IT Department

Konstantinos Tsiklos

ΙT Department

Despina Kozoni

Project Manager

Niovi Voudouri

Production Team

Jason Oikonomou

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